Tomorrow is today.
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Executive Summary

This document not only summarizes The Tomorrow Plan’s highlights, it also outlines the top action steps we’ll take over the next 1 to 2 years so all of the regional initiatives launch and the goals get well underway. This piece also highlights partners to lead or serve as catalysts for progress.

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Let’s Make Greater Des Moines Even Better Together

The Tomorrow Plan is a regional planning effort focused on the sustainable development of Greater Des Moines. It will involve residents and local leaders in identifying visions and aspirations for the region, exploring potential scenarios for its future, and setting a preferred direction for sustainable future development. The Project Launch Open House held in September 2011 drew over 300 people to learn about the planning process and basic elements of The Tomorrow Plan.

The Tomorrow Plan Exchange (TPX) is a community forum for discussing topics related to the plan. Every Wednesday, guest authors will introduce a train of thought related to sustainability, regionalism, or Greater Des Moines. It's up to you to take it from there!

Impact Downtown

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Revitalizing Our Neighborhoods, One Artist at a Time

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Community Building: Transforming Our Neighborhoods

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FoodCorps in Des Moines

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