Bringing The Tomorrow Plan to life involves many partners from around the region. The following entities have signed onto a resolution of support for the plan. The resolution can be found at the bottom of this page.

Des Moines
Pleasant Hill
Polk City
West Des Moines
Windsor Heights
Polk County

Partner Agencies
Center on Sustainable Communities
Central Iowa Shelter & Services
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
Polk County Conservation
Polk County Housing Trust Fund
Polk Soil & Water Conservation District
Urban Ambassadors

Resolution of Support

Whereas, the Federal Interagency Partnership for Sustainable Communities has selected Greater Des Moines as one of 45 initial regions to pursue regional sustainable development planning;

Whereas, the people of Greater Des Moines wish to strengthen diversity and equity in order to promote the environmental and economic health of the region, this community, its neighborhoods, and its individuals;

Whereas, we intend to stay attentive to the needs of future generations and to the current shifting trends in demographics, economics, and nature, as well as expectations of significant regional growth;

Whereas, we value the integration of social, economic, and natural resource needs and opportunities with a strategic direction for the region’s future;

Whereas, we intend to build on current cooperative ventures throughout the region to find additional opportunities to collaborate, create efficiencies, and provide higher quality services to residents;

Whereas, the means to a vibrant, lasting future includes a healthy environment, in addition to expanded choices and access within the areas of health, food, transportation, housing, work, culture, education, and play;

Whereas, steps can be taken today that will lead to a well-balanced tomorrow that maximizes the betterment of the entire region;

Whereas, local governments, community organizations, and the public developed The Tomorrow Plan as a voluntary, best-practices guide for local jurisdictions, stakeholder organizations and 28-E organizations, including the MPO, but does not dictate specific funding strategies or policy decisions that are within the authority of these organizations or jurisdictions.

Therefore, be it resolved that we, the members of ______________, endorse the vision, mission, goals, strategies, and initiatives presented in The Tomorrow Plan and intend to continue working within our community and across the region to help this plan become reality.