The Tomorrow Plan Final Report – November 2013

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The Tomorrow Plan Final Draft – September 2013

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Executive Summary – September 2013

This document not only summarizes The Tomorrow Plan’s highlights, it also outlines the top action steps we’ll take over the next 1 to 2 years so all of the regional initiatives launch and the goals get well underway. This piece also highlights partners to lead or serve as catalysts for progress.

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Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice – June 2013

HUD required grantees to produce a Fair Housing Equity Assessment as part of their program deliverables. HUD strongly encouraged grantees to take a few extra steps to develop a Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (RAI), which addresses fair housing impediments for each jurisdiction and the region rather than a series of jurisdiction-level analyses. Working together on the RAI improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of the AI process. HUD commended the team for “endeavoring to undertake the RAI project and its commitment to affirmatively further fair housing through regional collaboration.”

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The Tomorrow Plan Final Report: Working Draft for Review – January 2013

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A complex of deep-rooted tall grass prairies, wetlands, and oak savannas once dominated Iowa’s more-rolling-than-you-know landscape. Over the past 150 years, European settlers converted this exceptionally fertile terrain to some of the most productive farmland in the world. Centers of commerce and population pepper this golden landscape – places peopled by characters of energy, vision, and a commitment to work, family, and community.

State of the Region: Greater Des Moines – October 2012

State of the Region (PDF)

Sustainability Scan – February 2012

The objective of this report is to survey the sustainability-related practices currently underway in the Greater Des Moines area, and to provide a comparison with national best practices relevant to the region. Section 1 first discusses the case for why cities embrace comprehensive sustainability planning, and the benefits and challenges of adopting a new short- and long-term vision. Next, the Methodology section describes the approach taken in the scan, which triangulates findings about attitudes and values, plans and policies, and research on national best practices. The report then provides a snapshot of the current state of sustainability initiatives and practices in Greater Des Moines, followed by a discussion of opportunities and obstacles in the region. Finally, the report offers a preliminary definition of sustainability for Greater Des Moines and opens the door for future discussion of a vision for Greater Des Moines, guiding principles, and future recommendations.

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Appendix A includes the survey data table (included in the Sustainability Scan)

Appendix B includes the Sustainability Scan survey of existing practices (PDF)

Appendix C includes the Project Launch Questionnaire (PDF)

Transportation: Existing and Proposed Conditions – January 2012

Transportation Existing and Proposed Conditions (PDF)

Economic report – November 2011

Existing Conditions Report (PDF)

Results of Design My DSM