Do you have a bright idea?

Do you have ideas – large or small – that could help transform the Greater Des Moines region and make it a more sustainable community? Share them at allows residents, business people, students, and other interested stakeholders a creative and convenient way to share ideas, provide feedback, and make recommendations on how this area can become a more sustainable place to live, work, and play.  Information collected from this forum will help inform the next steps of The Tomorrow Plan’s process, and will also serve as input to the sustainable framework for future growth that will be a major outcome of the plan.

This new public engagement platform allows a more diverse audience of participants than attend conventional public meetings. Anyone interested in providing constructive ideas and solutions that will enhance the Des Moines region can simply jump online from work, home, school, or wherever they have Internet access to join in the discussion.

The following  conversations are currently underway on

  • What is the most pressing issue for the Greater Des Moines region?
  • What is the greatest strength of Greater Des Moines?
  • What is the greatest weakness of Greater Des Moines?
  • What is your idea for a big project to transform Greater Des Moines?
  • What are your quality of life priorities?

Sign up at and join the discussion!

Chris HorneNathan Preheim spent his early career employed as a software development project manager in the Bay Area, but eventually returned to the Midwest and became an urban planner. After years facilitating public meetings, he and his partner, Nick Bowden, conceived MindMixer as a way of broadening citizen engagement. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, MindMixer was launched in 2011 and is working with more than 75 communities.
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2 Responses to Do you have a bright idea?

  1. Deanna Lehl says:

    I would like to suggest that we bury all phone, cable, electrical lines that are now top of ground. This would eliminate storm damage, tree trimming to accommodate the lines and would give a clear view of our wonderful trees.
    Thank you
    Deanna Lehl

  2. Alice Bodson says:

    I second Deanna’s suggestion. And add another. Picture the cables buried inside
    concrete planters in all the city area between sidewalk and street. Cost may not be as
    much if done intelligently. Planters need not be the same throughout and could
    be different shapes , carved, mosaic clad, incorporate benches. In other words,
    social areas (the city’s front porch so to speak) for all the residents or a spark of
    nature or beauty for all to enjoy. Alice Bodson

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