Moving Forward Together

The final draft of The Tomorrow Plan is now available; you can access it here.

This is your plan. The MPO team has had the privilege of facilitating the process over the last three years, but it was developed by the communities, by stakeholders, and by residents. We experienced record-breaking public involvement, and interest and enthusiasm around the plan remain high.

As you start to peruse these pages, we think you’ll feel very good about the work you’ve done. While we all have particular areas of interest, together, we’ve crafted a compelling document that will lead this region to even greater heights – a plan that will raise all boats in Greater Des Moines.

One of the questions we receive most often is what happens if a community doesn’t reach a goal in The Tomorrow Plan. The plan is all voluntary, and it’s really about helping each other. If there’s a goal that your community is striving to reach, the MPO, our partners, and our entire region will rally around you.

The plan already is off and running. In September, there will be a number of events that showcase the elements in The Tomorrow Plan as well as our work with numerous community partners. We’ll keep you posted.

Our team could not be any prouder of The Tomorrow Plan, and we hope you’ll feel that same way after seeing the final plan. This is our community and our plan. Let’s move it forward together.

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